Pokémon Bank Update 'Sun and Moon': Transfers from original games to add max IVs and more


We're more than halfway through January 2017 and the Pokémon Bank update for Sun and Moon still isn't here yet. Fans of the latest Pokémon game are growing impatient. But, based on a previous statement from The Pokémon Company, players won't have to wait more than a week for the Pokémon Bank update — and the latest reports claim that those using the service with older games may see an added bonus when moving over certain Pokémon.

According to the reputable but unofficial Pokémon community Serebii, Pokémon transferred to the Bank from Red, Blue and Yellow — which we recently showed you how to utilize — will be moved over with at least three max IVs. 

"What the heck does that mean?" you might ask. Don't worry, we're here to explain what it means for the upcoming Pokémon Bank update.

Pokémon Bank update for Sun and Moon: What are "individual values"?

A Pokémon's individual values — or IVs — dictate how strong or weak each one is. Along with the base stats, which dictate whether a Pokémon is generally a stronger attacker, specializes in defense, slow instead of fast, etc., IVs are used to explain why one Pokémon of the same species is stronger than another. A Charizard with better IVs, for example, is overall more desirable than a Charizard with bad IVs.

Along with a Pokémon's nature and ability, IVs decide how powerful each Pokémon's Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense and Speed are. Each stat has a possible max of 31 IVs, which are assigned at birth. So you can't get them mid-game by leveling up or using an item. That's what makes Serebii's report so enticing. So how do you get in on the action?

Pokémon Bank update for Sun and Moon: How to get max IVs using the cloud service

Following the Pokémon Bank update, pocket monsters moved over from Red, Blue and Yellow on the 3DS to the cloud service "will likely have at least three max IVs," according to Serebii. In addition, there's a chance that the Pokémon moved over from the first generation games will have their Hidden Ability. Because the early games did not include these traits, it's likely that the Gen 1 Pokémon will be assigned IVs and an ability as soon as they're transferred over to the Pokémon Bank. The Pokémon's nature will also be assigned at random when transferred to the Bank.

It's worth noting that Pokémon moved over from Red, Blue and Yellow to the Pokémon Bank cannot be transferred back over to the older games. Once players use the Poké Transporter to move them over, they'll be in the more recent renditions of the Pokémon games for good.

Considering the difficulty associated with obtaining perfect IVs in a Pokémon, this will offer a huge incentive to play the older titles for rare Pokémon. While the three (or more) maxed out IV stats will be easily replicable, it remains to be seen how often Hidden Abilities and good natures will come to each transferred Pokémon. We'll have more details as the Pokémon Bank update surfaces.

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