Viewers are divided on whether Saturn's moon looks like an eyeball or Death Star in new photo


People on the internet can't agree on anything. Was that dress #WhiteAndGold or #BlackAndBlue? Is this purse blue or white? Where the hell are this girl's damn legs?

The latest debate centers on this stunning new image of Tethys, one of Saturn's icy moons. Does it look like a giant eyeball floating in outer space, as NASA claims, or does it look like the Death Star from Star Wars? You be the judge.

Here is the image captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft:

And here's the Death Star:

Odysseus, the large, round crater on the middle-left of Saturn's moon, does indeed give it an ocular quality. But Twitter users were eager to point out the striking resemblance to the Empire's moon-sized space station.

The "Teth Star," as it shall be referred to from this point forward, is Saturn's fifth-largest moon. Its 250-mile-diameter crater covers almost two-fifths of the moon's diameter and was formed by a massive impact at some point in its history. The moon was discovered in 1684 by the Italian astronomer Giavanni Cassini; the mission that bears his name – a joint project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency – has approached the moon several times over the course of more than 10 years