Paul Ryan Shirtless Appears on Paul Ryan Girl Lets Get Fiscal Video


The day of the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate, fitness shots of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan appeared on Time magazine. The Wisconsin congressman, whose "Paul Ryan Shirtless" meme has dominated social media since he was picked by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney as his running mate, finally had posed for the cameras after weeks of media gossip about his famous P90X workout. 

The spread arguably won Ryan some female admirers. And one of them, "Paul Ryan Girl," made the YouTube video "Let's Get Fiscal." The clip parodies both the 1981 Olivia Newton-John "[Let's Get] Physical" video and the 2008 YouTube clip "Crush on Obama" by "Obama Girl" (who is also spoofed in the video).     

"Let's Get Fiscal" starts with a clip of the real Paul Ryan giving a speech where he says, "America is more than just a place though, it's an idea," to which Paul Ryan Girl responds by supposedly phoning Ryan, “Hey Paul, it’s me. I just saw you on CNN and I was so moved. Call me, maybe.” 

At some point, a disheveled Obama Girl appears at Paul Ryan Girl's door holding a fading Obama poster and saying, “I can’t take four more years of this.” She then gets "schooled" by Paul Ryan Girl while both do aerobics and read CBO reports. It's racy and absurd, but it might end up becoming the next Gangnam Style.