Donald Trump trolls the press with inauguration crowd size photo. There's just one problem

President Donald Trump just can't let the fight over his inauguration crowd size go, tweeting out a picture of his inauguration crowd that will hang in the media's workspace in the White House.

The image, however, was selectively cropped to show a packed crowd. 

It was also incorrectly dated Jan. 21, 2017 — the day after Trump was sworn in — when protesters descended upon Washington, D.C., to voice their anger at Trump's presidency.

Trump and his top aides have been feuding with the media over the size of his inauguration crowd.

Photographic evidence shows far fewer people packed the National Mall for Trump's inauguration than President Barack Obama's historic 2009 swearing-in ceremony. 

Trump's inauguration crowd was also dwarfed by those at the Women's March, which saw hundreds of thousands of people take to the National Mall where Trump's inauguration was held a day earlier.

Trump was so angry about the coverage of his small inauguration crowds that he forced Press Secretary Sean Spicer out on a Saturday night to list off incorrect figures he claimed proved his inauguration was the most watched ever. 

Top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway later described Spicer's comments as "alternative facts" — which has been mercilessly mocked in a new meme.