'Overwatch' Fan Art Cupcakes: These adorable Pachimari treats look delicious


The Overwatch fandom already has a rabid cosplay and fan art community, so it was only a matter of time before it branched into the culinary world, too. Specifically, the world of immaculately decorated cupcakes.

Over on YouTube, Rosanna Pansino cooked up some Pachimari-themed cupcakes as a part of her Nerdy Nummies series. If you're scratching your head at what the hell a Pachimari is, it's the unofficial Overwatch mascot — you know, the little onion-octopus dudes you see hanging out in the arcade machines on Hanamura:

Blizzard Entertainment

Not only are these cupcakes absurdly cute, but they also incorporate actual turnips and onions into the recipe to keep with the theme.

Yes, onions — don't worry, they're carmelized.

Once you get past the initial weirdness of some of the ingredients, it comes together to look pretty tasty. The cinnamon and brown sugar probably help sweeten everything up.

And, of course, the most important part is the Pachimari face decoration, made from a combination of traditional frosting for the body, and a bit more detailed frosting work for the candy faces.

I mean, come on. Pretty stinkin' cute. Get it? Because onions. Sorry.

The full instructional video is embedded below.

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