Nintendo Switch touchscreen controls revealed in hands-on demo video


The Nintendo Switch's touchscreen is one of the most impressive features on the new device. While Nintendo's consoles tend to be underpowered in many respects, there's one feature that puts the Nintendo Switch on par with its rivals: the inclusion of a capacitive display. This means instead of needing a stylus, you'll be able to use your fingers, just like an iPhone or other modern tablet devices.

But we hadn't seen the Nintendo Switch touchscreen actually put to use in videos or promotional material. Luckily, YouTube channel GamingWithMe managed to get some footage of the feature in action.

At around six minutes and 30 seconds into the video, we get to Skylanders for the Nintendo Switch. While our tests of the Nintendo Switch revealed games like Mario Kart won't make use of the touchscreen in-game, other titles clearly will.

Nintendo Switch Touchscreen Controls: How is it different from the Wii U gamepad?

The Wii U, as well as the 3DS and DS handheld consoles, made use of a resistive touchscreen. This meant the Wii U GamePad's touchscreen worked best with a stylus or when you pressed with your fingernail. Now that the Nintendo Switch touchscreen relies on capacitive technology, the console is much more receptive to regular finger touches.

This may mean we could also see multitouch capabilities on the Nintendo Switch. Modern smartphones let users pinch to zoom with two fingers and even carry out gestures with more than two fingers. This could very well come to the Switch, depending on what software developers allow for.

Nintendo Switch touchscreen: Could we see popular tablet apps come to the Switch?

Kazuhiro Nogi/Getty Images

A responsive touchscreen is one thing, but it doesn't mean much if developers don't take advantage of it with great apps.

Popular apps like Netflix and Hulu are no-brainers for the console, though they won't be available at launch. The device's portability makes it perfect for watching shows and movies on the go.

But it may not stop at video streaming. Popular iPad and Android tablet apps could very well come to the Nintendo Switch as well. Nintendo fans might even be able to play basic mobile games like Angry Birds or Candy Crush, in addition to their full-scale titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2.

Few can say for sure what apps will be made available for Nintendo's first capacitive touchscreen device. We'll be bringing you more details surrounding the Nintendo Switch touchscreen as they surface.

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