'League of Legends' 7.2 Patch Notes: Riot Games releases details for the latest update


Summoners rejoice, as the official patch notes for League of Legends version 7.2 have finally been released by Riot Games. After weeks of waiting, we finally know what the next major update to the game will bring. 

Keep on reading to find out how update 7.2 makes major changes to a Champion, among other adjustments to League of Legends.

League of Legends 7.2 Patch Notes: Warwick rework and other Champion changes

We've known about the changes coming to the blood hunter Warwick for a while now, but they're finally being implemented in update 7.2. In short, he is now a more fearsome jungler who can use massive increases to attack and movement speed to chase down and assassinate enemy players with low health. Frankly, the new Warwick sounds kind of awesome.

Update 7.2 also brings a litany of smaller changes to several Champions, the kind you expect from any patch. Darius' passive damage has been reduced, Gragas has seen an armor increase and Lulu's passive damage is up, among many other minor adjustments. 

League of Legends 7.2 Patch Notes: Changes to items

The biggest potential change to your item build will be the adjustment made to Lethality. The armor penetration stat has seen a flat upgrade in its penetration efficacy. According to the patch notes, this is a way to encourage players to buy Lethality earlier in a game. 

Other items have gotten minor adjustments, too. Duskblade of Draktharr gets a beefy upgrade to the damage bonus you get when you attack after not being seen, while Edge of Night's cooldown has been decreased. 

Of course, there are also a number of small bug fixes and quality of life improvements in the game's menus. Stay tuned for any other details on the League of Legends 7.2 patch, along with future updates coming to the game.

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