Tostitos sells a bag of chips that'll call you a discounted Uber on Super Bowl Sunday


Just when you thought food packaging couldn't get any more enticing, Tostitos has introduced a gimmick with a goal of saving lives: The Breathalyzer Bag. 

In case you're unsure as to whether you've had too much to drink, you can now rely on a bag of chips to monitor your alcohol intake. Actually, you should probably have plans for a back-up ride ready if you're planning to drink at any party, but the Tostitos bag is at least a good reminder to plan ahead, and definitely to not drink and drive. 


Just in time for the Super Bowl, a night notorious for chip bingeing and beer drinking, Tostitos is partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Uber to encourage safety with its new "Party Safe" bag. 

Tostitos Party Safe Bag

The bag features an alcohol sensor at the top, which, once you breathe into it, will turn red if alcohol is detected or green if alcohol is not. What this bag is not, however, is a legitimate breathalyzer, which would let you know your blood alcohol level and whether you're above the legal limit. Hopefully, if you've been drinking alcohol, you'll already be aware that you've been drinking it — so the bag won't necessarily give you any information you're not privy to. But it's a unique reminder that if you've been drinking, you probably shouldn't drive.

Cheap rides for tipsy chip lovers

The Tostitos bag is also equipped with NFC technology (if you've ever touched your phone to a business card or billboard or other surface to transmit information, you know what this is), which allows you to tap your phone to the bag to call an Uber ride — you know, just in case you've had too much to drink and forgot how to use an app. 


And whether you're drinking or not, on Super Bowl Sunday Uber users can also add a Tostitos UPC code to the Uber app for $10 off a ride home. "The goal is to remove 25,000 cars from the roads after the biggest football game of the season," a spokesperson for Tostitos said via email.    

Drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday has been incredibly problematic in past years. The average blood alcohol level of Super Bowl celebrators, as recorded by BACtrack, is .09, about the same as on St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo and New Year's Eve. The deadliest days on the road are correlated with the days in which people are celebrating events with alcohol. Add in the extreme emotions of your team wining or losing the biggest game of the year, and you can see how reckless driving can be a major concern on game day. In California alone, accidents involving death or injury increase 77% on Super Bowl Sunday 

In 2016, Budweiser similarly used marketing in an effort to curb drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday, debuting an ad in which Helen Mirren urged potentially drunk drivers to "stop it." 


You can indeed stop driving while intoxicated, and have your chips, too.