NYC MTA Fare Increase 2017: Here's how much the cost of subway and bus rides will go up

A man walking next to a subway after the NYC MTA Fare Increase in 2017

The MTA has good news and bad news for New York City straphangers. 

The good news? The MTA board voted not to increase base fares from $2.75 to $3, according to NBC New York. The bad news? The prices of weekly and monthly cards will increase, and riders will get smaller bonuses for putting larger amounts on their cards. 

Weeklies, monthlies, and bonuses

Yana Paskova/Getty Images

The cost of a weekly MetroCard will now be $32 instead of $31. Monthly cards will go from $116.50 to $121. And the pay-per-ride bonus on purchases of $5.50 or more will go from 11% down to 5%.

Express bus fares remain at $6.50, but the 7-day Express Bus Plus Metro Card will go up from $57.25 to $59.50. 

Why did the MTA board reject a $3 fare?

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The MTA board was initially expected to vote in favor of the base fare increase from $2.75 to $3.00. But after a hearing where residents voiced concerns over the implications for low-income New Yorkers, the board announced the price would stay the same.

Thomas Prendergast, MTA chairman and CEO, reportedly received applause when he announced that the base fare would stay at $2.75.