When will the new NYC MTA fare increase go into effect?

A woman at the NYC MTA

The MTA board voted on Wednesday against increasing the base subway fare from $2.75 to $3; express bus fares will also stay the same. Unfortunately, the board did vote to increase the price of weekly cards to $32 (a $1 increase) and monthly cards to $121 (a $4.50 increase), as well as to slash bonuses when riders fill up their cards with $5.50 or more from 11% to 5%.

But when does this all go into effect? 

Dates to know 

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According to PIX 11, these changes will go into effect on Mar. 19, 2017. The hikes are part of regularly scheduled biennial fair increases.

When will the next increase be?

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According to the New York Post, the board has stated residents should expect another increase in 2019. The MTA board has increased fares approximately once every two years over the last decade, with a total of four increases since 2009.