Winner of Presidential Debate: Obama Wins, Resets the Race


Here is a live stream: 

UPDATE 10:48 No matter how well Obama performed tonight, a clear win for the President would only be possible if Romney choked. That did not happen. Both candidates had high and low points, and this debate was certainly more competitive than the first. In the end, Obama seemed to have a slight  edge more of the time than Romney. The harm done during the first debate was done, but Obama likely stopped the trend towards his opponent and reset the race heading into next week's final debate.

UPDATE 10:40 PM During final statements, Romney makes clear case for himself. Obama partly does the same, but spends just as much time attacking Romney.

UPDATE 10:39 PM Obama FINALLY mentions 47% during last two minutes of debate.

UPDATE 10:36 PM Romney came off very polished in his final statement, presenting himself as personable, accomplished, and ready for the job of president.

UPDATE 10:25 PM Both candidates love pivoting the questions to answers they want to give (e.g., Obama guns --> education)

UPDATE 10:22 PM Romney gives better answer on assault weapons ban by invoking importance of family relationships - then goes negative by attacking Obama for Fast and Furious.

UPDATE 10:19 PM Assault weapons ban - rarely discussed in this election - solid answer from Obama.

UPDATE 10:17 PM Romney's attempted attacks on Obama continue to miss target. He just lost any strength he had against Obama on Libya.

UPDATE 10:09 PM Libya security denial question for Obama. *on the edge of my seat*

UPDATE 10:08 PM Romney attempts to attack Obama for also owning Chinese/overseas investments, just as he got Gingrich during the GOP primaries. Didn't really work this time.

UPDATE 10:05 PM Romney defies moderator, pivots immigration debate in the direction he wants it to go. She doesn't argue.

UPDATE 10:00 PM Mitt answers question on immigration warmly, welcoming legal immigrants to this "nation of immigrants."

UPDATE 9:56 PM Obama claims he's kept all of the promises he made when elected. Romney claims that is not the case.

UPDATE 9:54 PM Seems like Obama is really trying to make up ground for zero attacks on Romney at the last debate. He's a Romney critic with every answer.

UPDATE 9:48 PM Obama trying to explain what has been accomplished even though "hope" is not ringing loudly through our nation today.

UPDATE 9:47 PM Romney seems very defensive tonight. Even though he's spoken 1 minute less than Obama, he seems to be constantly interrupting.

UPDATE 9:42 PM Romney touts his record hiring many strong women during time as Governor of AM, then pivots to the economy. 

UPDATE 9:40 PM Romney has chance to make his case to women...*on the edge of my seat*

UPDATE 9:37 PM Two weeks ago we were on a road to Spain. Tonight we're on a road to Greece. I wonder which is worse.

UPDATE 9:34 PM Obama's facial expressions while Romney is speaking are almost as entertaining as Biden's.

UPDATE 9:30 PM Obama had his coffee this morning. And maybe this evening.

UPDATE 9:26 PM Romney seems much more comfortable discussing taxes and financial issues.

UPDATE 9:23 PM Romney and Obama sparring over energy policy. Romney insists on getting last word.

UPDATE 9:20 PM Moderator Candy is making these candidates answer with specifics...or at least trying.

UPDATE 9:11 PM Romney claims Obama led GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy. Interesting...

UPDATE 9:06 PM Romney assures first questioner he will get him a job when he graduates. Sounds like he's got it made.

UPDATE 9:05 PM It always seems awkward when one candidate is walking around while the other is sitting down.

UPDATE 9:03 PM And Crowley welcomes the candidates to the stage...



UPDATE 8:06 PM Tonight's questions brought to you from undecided voters...

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