Search "asshole" or "fascist" on Twitter and Donald Trump is the first result

When users searched "asshole," "bigot," "racist," "tiny hands" and any other number of disparaging terms on Twitter, the first result is a link to the notorious Twitter profile of Republican President Donald Trump, social media users found on Wednesday.

A cursory look at various Twitter search results revealed the mocking terminology linked directly to Trump's profile. Other confirmed search terms included "fascist" and "worst."

As the New York Times reported on Wednesday, the cumulative slights and mockery of the nation appears to be getting under the president's skin.

"Impetuous and instinctive, convinced of broad but hidden plots to undermine him, eager to fight and prone to what an aide called 'alternative facts,' President Donald Trump has shown in just days in office that he is like few if any occupants of the White House before him," the Times wrote.