What's that colorful bracelet on Sean Spicer's wrist?


All eyes have been on White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Well, more accurately, on his entirely-too-large suits and on his mouth as he says things like "alternative facts" and how the press reporting on facts is "demoralizing" to the president in complete earnestness. 

So what you may have understandably missed is that Sean Spicer has been wearing a very colorful bracelet on his left wrist, right under his watch. The bracelet, which is rainbow and beaded, reads "DAD." 

If was first pointed out on Twitter on Wednesday by a Politico reporter, with the Independent Journal Review digging up further proof. 

Wednesday was far from the first time Spicer has worn this bracelet, which was likely made by one of his two children. 

He was also seen wearing it on Inauguration Day. 

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

See that? "DAD."

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It was there, peeking out from underneath his ginormous suit when he gave his statement on Saturday, in regard to crowd sizes at the inauguration. 

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It's been visible at every press conference this week too, starting on Monday:

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 And then on Tuesday: 

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And then on Wednesday:

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(The man likes a striped tie.) 

This is, of course, not the first time a bracelet like this one, made with lots of love, has existed in the White House. Remember that on former president Barack Obama's birthday, Joe Biden posted a picture of friendship bracelets for himself and Obama on Twitter. 

And that was met with plenty of "Awww."

With a week as bad as Spicer's (and America's), it's hard not to be a little encouraged by the idea that at least one of Spicer's kids really, really loves him and knows how to make a pretty cool bracelet.