The most magnificent recipes on the internet

Did cooking even exist before the internet? It's hard to say, really. That now archaic document, Julia Child's Mastering The Art of French Cooking is a masterpiece of its time, but just imagine if Child had a food blog. Seriously. Imagine it. 

The internet has created some vulgar food horrors and inspiring food masterpieces, all for our cooking pleasure. Thanks to our beloved era of mash-up creations, food porn and recipes created for what we can only assume are clicks (and clicks are not delicious), the web has birthed an unstoppable movement to create the most trending, viral and shareable recipe, that only the brave will actually construct in the kitchen. We've found some of these amazing recipes, and wanted to share. Thanks, internet. 

Bacon-wrapped spatchcocked turkey 

Bacon-wrapped spatchcocked turkeyfood52

This turkey only takes 80 minutes to make, allegedly, and it's sure to be the greatest hour and 20 minutes of your life. Until you eat it, of course. Get the recipe here

EBM: Eggs, bacon, mac and cheese

EBMi am a food blog

So yes, this is a stroke of cheesy genius, a breakfast skillet that's just as much gooey macaroni and cheese as it is an acceptable morning meal. #FEEDME. Get the recipe here

Butternut squash and gorgonzola rigatoni pie with fried sage

Butternut squash and gorgonzola rigatoni pie with fried sageHalf Baked Harvest

Sure, we've all seen the similarly impressive yet standard meat sauce filled pasta pie, but this rigatoni pie takes a gourmet turn that, thanks to the Internet, you an ogle over and recreate for eternity. Get the recipe here

Pizza shot glasses

Pizza shot glassesOh Bite It

Yes, these are mini pizza cups you can drink beer or other liquids out of. Good luck. Get the recipe here

Bloody Mary popsicles

Bloody Mary popsiclesMy Name is Yeh

This bloody brilliant rendition of the classic brunch cocktail ensures that a drink is waiting in your freezer whenever you wake up with a hangover. Get the recipe here

Hummus dumplings

Hummus dumplingMy Name Is Yeh

The internet's favorite dip combined with the internet's favorite finger food? Yes, please. Get the recipe here

The falafel waffle

Falafel wafflefood52

It's falafel, but as a waffle. You don't need us to tell you this creation is equal parts adorable and delicious. Get the recipe here

Pepperoni pizza wontons

Pepperoni pizza wontonsfood52

Can't decide between pizza or Chinese food? Make both in one, in less time than it would take you to make that difficult decision. Get the recipe here

Chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter

Chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butterHow Sweet It Is

The two best things you can eat with a spoon, combined! Get the recipe here

Double-decker mac-and-cheese-stuffed bacon weave taco

Double decker mac and cheese stuffed bacon weave tacoDude Foods

If you can say all these words together, fast, 10 times, you can certainly master this obscenely creative and indulgent recipe. Get the recipe here

Bacon cheeseburger egg rolls with Sriracha diced tomatoes 

Bacon cheeseburger egg rollsDude Foods

All you ever wanted, all you ever needed, is rolled up into this finger food. Get the recipe here

Savory basil pesto hummus donut

Savory basil pesto hummus donutFoodness Gracious

Leave it to the good old world wide web to turn a doughnut savory. And infuse it with not one but two condiments! Get the recipe here

Donut bacon cheeseburger

Donut bacon cheeseburgerJo and Sue

A glazed Krispy Kreme gets a savory, gooey makeover with this decadent sandwich recipe that amps up a purchased pastry like no other. Get the recipe here

Carrot taco shells

Carrot taco shellSweet As Honey

At the other end of the internet spectrum: health. We can thank some serious nutrition-minded bloggers for replacing the good in every dish with healthier, less satisfying substitutes, but these carrot taco shells may actually be an improvement on the traditional tortilla. Get the recipe here

5-minute snow ice cream

Snow ice creamGimme Some Oven

If the weather outside is frightful, scoop it up into something delightful. While only some regions of the world will be able to use authentic snow, shaved ice works just fine here. Sprinkles are probably, definitely a must. Get the recipe here.