These 4 luxury products are both absurd and awesome

In a Simpsons episode about classism in Springfield, Lisa once said, "The rich are different from you and me," to which Marge replied, "Yes! They're better!" Questionable parenting aside, looking at these insane luxury products will cause you to both scoff and, like, sort of agree. 

The hammock bathtub 

The hammock bathtub, also known as the Vessel, was created by a UK company called SplinterWorks. The tub allows users to bathe and relax in a way they never have before. Layers of carbon fiber give it its hammock shape, while its foam core keeps the bath insulated. It costs around $34,000, and you have to also install a drain and standing faucet in order to use it. 

The sun lounger 


As originally reported by CNN Money, Remmus' luxury sun lounger is another insane way to relax. The bed automatically turns to face the sun without you having to do a damn thing, and if you do feel the need to rotate it in a specific direction, it can be done "steplessly by the press of a button." Oh, and it also can mist you with cool water and comes with a service button, in case you want to call the butler over. 

Round ice

Rich people don't just relax all the time though. They also party. And for this occasion, Gläce, a California company, offers one of the most ridiculous and somehow intriguing things you can imagine: luxury ice. 

The company sells drink-ice that comes in spheres and has a "zero-taste profile," allowing drinkers "to maximize the beverage experience" — which means that "impurities" from tap water will taint your ice or drink. One case of the ice spheres (which includes 50) is $325. 

Luxury espresso machine

Victoria Arduino

After you party a little too hard with your ice sphere-cooled drinks, you're probably going to want to wake up the next morning with some coffee. According to the Richest, the way to make coffee in the most style is with this $20,000 Victoria Arduino Venus Century espresso machine. 

This particular model was made to celebrate Victoria Arduino's 100th year and has an "outstanding" technical ability that would put your local Starbucks to shame. Also, they only made 100 of them, and what's better than owning something you know nobody else can have?