Kellyanne Conway says feminism is so totally over


Kellyanne Conway — the first woman to ever manage a winning presidential campaign — doesn't consider herself a feminist.

In an interview with the Washington Post, President Donald Trump's top adviser said she more closely identifies as a "postfeminist." Feminism, she said, is so passé.

"I feel like the feminist movement has been hijacked by the pro-abortion movement or the anti-male sentiments that you read in some of their propaganda and writings," Conway told the Post. "I'm not anti-male."

Conway said feminists have cultivated a culture that tells boys to "sit down and shut up" and portrays men as "feckless boobs." 

Well then.

Evan Vucci/AP

As nicely as "feckless boob" rolls off the tongue, it doesn't exactly capture how most feminists view men. The feminist movement has always been about gender equality — not just to benefit women but for men's sake, too. Upending traditional notions of gender allows men to express a full range of emotions and interests, and keeps them from feeling threatened by women and femininity. 

Such a threat, of course, might have kept Conway from landing a White House adviser gig not too long ago.

But never mind that — Conway had another bone to pick with women who, despite being able to own property and vote, dare call themselves feminists. 

"I think my generation isn't a big fan of labels," she said. "My favorite label is mommy."

It sure is funny how mothers at Saturday's Women's March didn't feel like they had to choose between the labels "mommy" and "feminist." 

Don't worry, Kel: Feminism helps you whether you like it or not.