Mr. Clean is a dirty boy in Super Bowl ad that changes your worldview on cleaning products


It appears as if nothing is off-limits in 2017. We have a TV show about a young pope who believes he may be more handsome than Jesus — he is played by Jude Law, so we can have this debate — and an unqualified president who is, regrettably, low-key thicc. What's next? Well ...

2017 is also the year Mr. Clean became Mr. Daddy. Yes, the cleaning product and its pearlescent poster boy has been sexualized for the eponymous product's new Super Bowl ad. In it, a woman laments another stain in her kitchen, and Mr. Clean comes to the rescue by making the whole house feel really, really dirty. 

He's wearing ultra-tight pants, and his CGI-rendered buns are popping out at the seams when he begins to mop the living-room floor. We suggest watching this GIF in a private place, because Mr. Clean is NSFW and DTF. 


"You gotta love a man who cleans," the tagline reads at the end, when it's revealed the woman's actual husband is doing the cleaning and she, of course, pounces on him. It is, as Proctor & Gamble executive Martin Hettich told AdAge, an attempt to show that cleaning the house should be done by men and women alike. 

"The subject we're broaching with Mr. Clean really is for a co-ed audience, because it's talking about cleaning and how men and women divide up the chores," Hettich says. "And there's still a way to go." 

We applaud P&G for its progressive approach, as well as the ad's effortless ability to turn Mr. Clean into a sex symbol. Watch the tantalizing commercial below: