'Sims 4' Cheat Guide: Unlimited money, satisfaction points, eternal youth and more


Sims 4 players have really hit the jackpot when it comes to extra content. With three full expansions and four additional game packs, the most recent allows you to be a vampire — though perhaps it should have gone with something less played out. If seductive vampires can't hold your attention and you crave cheat codes, crave no longer. Mic's got you covered with some real doozies.

All of these cheats will require you to access the Command Console in your Sims 4 game. You can access this by utilizing the in-game command "CTRL + SHIFT + C" on a PC or "CMD + SHIFT + C" on a Mac to access the cheat console, and then entering the command "testingcheats true" (without the quotation marks). This will allow you to utilize a bevy of cheats and even re-access certain parts of The Sims 4 engine that are normally off-limits once you've created your Sim. So let's get cheating!

Sims 4 Cheat Guide: How to de-age your Sims

Sims, like the real friends, family members and personal nemeses you've (presumably) based them on, grow older and eventually die. However, unlike your friends and enemies, oldness can be a temporary condition for your Sims if you wish it to be. 

To wreak havoc with digital chronomancy, you'll first have to access the command console and enable cheats (explained above). Then, as StackExchange's gaming board explains, enter in the command "cas.fulleditmode" (again, without the quotation marks). If you've entered it correctly, you should be able to shift-select your Sim and access Create a Sim mode again. Here, you can adjust your Sim's age slider back down from Elder to any one of the previous age groups. That's very handy if you don't want to continually spend your Satisfaction Points on a Potion of Youth.

Additionally, if you'd like to stop your Sims from aging entirely, you can simply go into the Options menu and select "no" for the setting "Auto Age (Played Sims)," which will disable aging on the Sims you're playing. You can do the same for unplayed Sims as well by unchecking the box for "Auto Age (Unplayed Sims)" as well.

Sims 4 Cheat Guide: How to make your Sims give birth instantly and determine how many children they'll have

Although there aren't any cheats to actually make your Sims pregnant without using the "Try For Baby" action, that doesn't mean there aren't ways to futz with your pregnant Sims. Not by a long shot.

For instance, there's an easy way to determine the number of babies your Sim will have using the cheat console. If you have a pregnant Sim, use the console command "sims.get_sim_id_by_name {PlayedSimFirstName} {PlayedSimLastName}" (substituting your pregnant Sim's name of course) to get that Sim's ID number. Once you have your pregnant Sim's ID number, you can use the cheat "pregnancy.force_offspring_count {simID} {amount}" and input the Sim ID you just found and the number of babies you'd like to have in the relevant fields, and presto! You're guaranteed twins, triplets, quintuplets or any amount of children up to seven — the hard cap per household is eight individuals.

The Sims

Additionally, if your Sim is already pregnant, you can use the console command "sims.add_buff_Pregnancy_InLabor" to cause them to immediately give birth to a baby. You can use it on a Sim who hasn't already become pregnant with the "Try For Baby" action as well, but you won't get a baby out of it. 

However, if you're only after the cosmetic look, you can use the console inputs "sims.add_buff_Pregnancy_Trimester1," "sims.add_buff_Pregnancy_Trimester2," and "sims.add_buff_Pregnancy_Trimester3" to make your Sim look like they're in various stages of pregnancy. It'll even work on ghosts!

How to get infinite money in Sims 4

Money cheats are a concept as old as the Sims series itself, and longtime players of Will Wright's simpleton family and potty-break-organizing simulator will probably have some of them memorized by now. 

Just like in every previous Sims game, entering in the cheats "rosebud" and "kaching" will give your Sims family 1,000 Simoleons to spend. Entering in the command "motherlode" will grant you 50,000. You can also add a specific amount of cash by entering in "Sims.modify_funds +{number}" by substituting a number in the curly brackets, or you can use the code "Money {number}" to set your household's current money to that amount.

The real prize here, however, is the code "FreeRealEstate {on/off}" which you can toggle by putting "on" or "off" in the curly brackets. This code will make all the housing lots in your neighborhood free. To reiterate, that's free real estate. No strings attached. Additionally, the code "households.autopay_bills" will automatically pay your bills for you, leaving your Simoleons freed up to spoil your Sims with expensive toilets and gym memberships.

How to get unlimited Satisfaction Points in Sims 4

Your Sims gain satisfaction from pursuing their whims and aspirations. You can use these points for various temporary buffs, youth potions and (most importantly) traits. But if you don't have the time to spend helping fake people pursue their hopes and dreams, there's a cheat for that. Just enter the console command "sims.give_satisfaction_points x" and replace "x" with the desired number of points. You can use those points to buy incredibly helpful reward traits like "Hardly Hungry," which makes your Sim need to eat less often, or "Connections," which makes your Sim start any career at level 4 instead of level 1. 

Sims 4 Cheats: Full list of console command cheats

With the Sims 4 cheat console, you can access a number of handy cheats and workarounds for your Sims. This includes adding and removing traits you don't like to toggling death entirely. You can find a complete list of cheats around the web at sites like Sims Online and IGN, or you can access the command console in game and type "help" for a list of cheats. All you need to do is write down the cheats you try, and try 'em out. So why not get started?

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