Watch 2017 SAG winner Viola Davis thank 'Fences' screenwriter August Wilson in powerful speech


Fences star Viola Davis took home the Screen Actors Guild award Sunday night for outstanding performance by a female actor in a supporting role. The actress thanked SAG AFTRA, a "laundry list" of people who worked on the film, as well as her co-star Denzel Washington, before giving a powerful speech expressing her gratitude to Fences screenwriter August Wilson.

They say that maybe all one can hope for is the right regrets. And what August did so beautifully is he honored the average man who happened to be a man of color. And sometimes we don't have to shake the world and move the world and create anything that is going to be in the history book. The fact that we breathed and live a life and was a god to our children, just that means we have a story and it deserves to be told. We deserve to be in the canon, in the center of any narrative that's written out there. And that's what August did. He elevated my father, my mother, my uncles — who had eighth and fifth grade educations — and he just encapsulated them in history. So, thank you August. Thank you.

Watch Davis' SAG acceptance speech below.