Tonight's Debate Winner: Romney, Not Obama, Comes Out on Top


update 10:43

It's all over!

It's a pretty big draw, but Romney was pretty strong and came across empathetic (surprising!).


update 10:42

One of the commentators just used the word "Alpha males" referring to Obama and Mitt. I think that's being verrrry generous.

update 10:38

Binder's full of women!! Color coded too! Facebook moves fast.

update 10:36

Romney was a pastor?! I'm so sorry for that congregation.

update 10:33

Obama and Romney are talking about urban gun violence. Prediction: neither will mention the drug war.

update 10:28

Currency manipulator? Oh, you mean like the Federal Reserve?!...

update 10:27

Finally education is mentioned!

So these are the only two candidates I have to choose from? These petulant children bludgeoning each other with predigested talking points and scripted gestures? OH WAIT...

update 10:17

I think there might actually be a fight...

Why is no one talking about drugs!? Why is no one talking about prison reform? Why is no one talking about the death penalty, solitary confinement, and drones?

Why are all these people asking questions, old?!

I know I tuned in late but I'm guessing there were only 2 token minorities?

update 10:16

Washington Post keeps it real.

"Obama is deporting immigrants faster than Bush. Republicans don’t think that’s enough."

update 10:13

"Terrrroists!!" - Romney

Because fear is the best way to rule a nation. 

We're all doomed!! Only the government can help us now!

update 10:11

update 10:07

Verbal spat of fisticuffs, mainly interrupting politely, bunch of passive aggressive politicans. 

update 10:06

I didn't realize the Onionwas reporting real news now! 

"Nation Tunes In To See Which Sociopath More Likable This Time"

update 10:05

I'm confused by all of these answers, because they're not actually answering. Nothing is specific, it's a general "Yes, we are going to fix this" or "Yes, we're trying to fix this"

update 9:57

Token Ronald Regan reference! 10 points for Romney!

update 9:52

These debates are such jokes. How anyone can these seriously is beyond me. Are these candidates really all that different? Because I'm not seeing it. 

update 9:44

"These aren't just women's issues, these our family issues and economic issues" Obama

update 9:43

Just tuning in, what did I miss? Who is winning guys?! 

Ready for another lively debate tonight?!

This debate will take place at 9 p.m. at Hofstra University in New York, and cover both domestic and foreign issues. The format will be a town hall meeting, and CNN’s chief political correspondent Candy Crowley will be the moderator.

Maybe tonight, you can get some answers to these tax questions from Romney. But on a serious note, because the debate is covering domestic issues I'm looking forward to and hopeful for more questions covering neglected issues (even the newly resurrected issue of affirmative action) concerning women, Latinos, blacks and other minorities.

“I hope they focus on jobs and the economy, of course, and how they’ll improve them,” said Cid Wilson. (Wilson is a board member of National Council of La Raza as well as several other national and regional Latino and civil rights groups.)

“But I also hope that they bring up issues of civil rights, immigrant rights.” Still, I won't hold my breath.

To close, I don't know about you, but I'm hoping this Tumblr gets updated alll night long...

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