'Dota 2' Dark Moon Guide and Strategy: How to beat the event and win rewards


The brand new Dark Moon event has hit Dota 2, and everyone is wondering about the best ways to brave the hordes and come out on top. Thanks to the fine folks at IGN and eSports Edition, you can get the skills to survive and get the best rewards

Dota 2 Dark Moon Guide and Strategy: Put together the best team possible

Just like in regulation Dota 2 matches, you will win or lose in Dark Moon based on your team composition. You need a team with varied roles that compliment one another and can manage the oncoming hordes.

IGN recommends the versatility of Dark Seer's Ion Shell and Illusory Wall. They also suggest having a Phantom Assassin (with the item Battle Fury) paired with Treant Protector for a combination of critical strikes and healing. Finally, as always, Sniper's ranged attacks and ultimate ability are helpful.

eSports Edition found Ember Spirit to be an effective carry for dealing with mobs of enemies, as opposed to Phantom Assassin's efficacy at taking out single targets. 

Dota 2 Dark Moon Guide and Strategy: Items, items, items

Picking out the best items can give you a distinct advantage, another thing Dark Moon has in common with the base game. IGN suggests getting things that will benefit your team as early as you can, like Octarine Core and Guardian Greaves. 

eSports Edition, meanwhile, recommends that non-carry heroes should get support items like Crimson Guard. They also suggest picking up a Magic Wand.

Dota 2 Dark Moon Guide and Strategy: Ride the gold wave

Every five waves, you'll have a chance to load up on cash in the "gold round." According to IGN, on wave five there will be a giant chicken that moves very quickly. If you use Disrupter to stop it in its tracks, you can attack it and get tons of gold. Wave 10, on the other hand, has "dozens" of tiny versions of everyone's favorite neutral boss, Roshan. Use AoE attacks to take them out and hoard gold to buy items.

Using all these tips and tricks you should be able to master the Dota 2 Dark Moon event. Good luck!

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