'Overwatch' Bastion Buff: Update notes detail big character changes coming to the PTR


Overwatch's principal designer Geoff Goodman recently hinted that the defense character Bastion might be next on Blizzard's list for a significant buff in a patch update sometime in the future, but didn't really go into details. 

For those of you who were waiting with bated breath to know exactly what to expect, we've got some good news. His latest post on Blizzard's forums goes into much greater detail.

Overwatch Bastion Buff: Small but important improvements on the way

The changes Goodman outlined for Bastion are nowhere near as extensive as the changes Symmetra received a few months ago, but rather seem to be a collection of smaller improvements that will have a big impact on his overall effectiveness. Like all changes to Overwatch, the community will test the buffs to Bastion on the public test realm before they officially roll out. 

Here is the full explanation of what's changing, straight from Blizzard's forums:

Recon Mode — Lowered spread and increased magazine size, to help with general viability in this mode.

Goodman said the Overwatch team is still "testing and tweaking" things, so the above might change a bit. But if all goes well, the new Bastion buffs will be on the PTR "fairly soon."

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