When does 'Overwatch' season 3 end? Here's what we know so far


Season three of the Overwatch competitive season has been in full swing since Dec. 1, but Blizzard has yet to announce when season three will end. That doesn't mean we're totally in the dark, though. Let's discuss.

When does Overwatch season 3 end?

Blizzard still hasn't revealed exactly when season three of Competitive Play will end, but based on how long season two lasted, we can make an educated guess.

Season two started on Sept. 1 and ended on Nov. 23, which is a span of just over 11 weeks. Season three started on Dec. 1, so we can probably expect it to end sometime in the second half of February. When Blizzard announces an official date, we'll let you know.

Regardless of the exact date, you probably only have a few more weeks to get your skill rating as high as possible. Aside from bragging rights, getting into a higher skill tier before the season ends means you'll get better end-of-season rewards.

Overwatch Competitive Play season 3 rewards

In addition to the cool Volskaya-themed spray you'll earn for completing your placement matches, you'll also get a big chunk of competitive points at the end of the season based on the highest skill tier you achieved.

Here's the full breakdown of how many points you'll earn if you need a refresher:

Bronze — 100

So, if you've been saving up for one of those sweet golden weapons for your favorite character, pushing up into a higher skill tier before the season ends will help get you a little bit closer to affording one.

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