Poll reveals Donald Trump’s presidency might just make America’s Democrats great again


Spurred by the election of President Donald Trump, Democrats say they plan to step up their political involvement over the next year, according to a Washington Post poll released Wednesday.

More than a third of registered Democrats say they will increase their political involvement in 2017. That's more than the 21% of Republicans and 21% of independents who say they will increase their involvement this year, according to the survey.

The impetus for the bump is in large part thanks to Democratic women and younger Democrats between 18 and 49, who said they "plan to become more involved in political causes in the next year," the poll reported.

That heightened level of political involvement has already been highly visible in the thousands of people taking to the streets to protest Trump, whether it was at the massive Women's March on Jan. 21 or the protests against Trump's travel and immigration restrictions for refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries at airports across the country over the weekend.

According to the poll, 60% of adults in the United States supported the Women's March. That's far more than the 27% of adults that supported the conservative Tea Party movement in April of 2010, the poll found. 

That's a good sign for Democratic leaders, who are hoping to capture the energy from the protests and turn it into a mobilized bloc of voters for the 2018 midterm elections, just like the Tea Party did for Republicans in 2010.