'Horizon Zero Dawn' Map Size: Leaks, estimates, predictions and everything we know so far


If you've been looking for a game that delivers a big, gorgeous open world to explore, Horizon Zero Dawn — a PS4 exclusive game with a release date of Feb. 28 — looks like it will probably fit the bill. It has a compelling, futuristic setting — like, so far in the future that robot dinosaurs are the equivalent of woolly mammoths — and early hands-on previews have been pretty positive.

But if what you really want is a massive world to sink your teeth into, you're probably curious about just how large of a world it offers. We don't have exact information about the map size of Horizon Zero Dawn yet, but that doesn't mean we're totally in the dark either.

Horizon Zero Dawn map size: Alleged 4Chan leak says it's as large as Witcher 3's Velen region

Before we get started, it's important to note that this info is coming from a post on NeoGAF that originated on 4chan, so, take it all with a hefty dose of skepticism.

The post in question claims to be leaked information from someone who wrote a mock review — a pretend review contracted by a game company to get an idea of how the press might respond once the game is actually out — of Horizon Zero Dawn. In this post, the person claims the map size of Horizon Zero Dawn is as large as The Witcher 3's Velen regionwhich, if you've never played it, is quite massive. The same leak claims it will take players about 40 hours to complete everything it has to offer.

Horizon Zero Dawn Map Size: Early hands-on previews offer a hint too

The other source of information about just how large the world of Horizon Zero Dawn is comes from some of the early hands-on previews that came out ahead of the game's official release.

At Polygon, for example, Michael McWhertor described Horizon Zero Dawn as "a vast, open-world adventure that feels on par with the types of games Ubisoft has been making," like Far Cry 4, for example. He goes on to say that Horizon Zero Dawn "looks to be a game where players will be able to lose themselves for dozens of hours: foraging for scrap and upgrading their gear, hunting down dozens of types of machines, and embarking on no shortage of quests and errands."

So, even though we're still a few more weeks away from the release of Horizon Zero Dawn, never fear. It looks like the world Guerrilla Games has crafted will be plenty large to keep you occupied for quite some time.

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