How to use a Lure Module in 'Pokémon Go': Tips, tricks and everything you need to know


Are you a Pokémon Go player who's tired of not catching Pokémon when you hang out around at a PokéStop looking for spawns? It's time to learn about Lure Modules.

You can increase your chances of catching Pokémon in Pokémon Go by using a device called a Lure Module. Lures are not only good for attracting Pokemon; they're also good for attracting other Pokémon Go players!

Pokémon Go Lure Modules: How they work

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Lure Modules in Pokémon Go are installed into PokéStops. Once installed, a Lure Module will attract Pokémon to that location for 30 minutes, which equates to a higher-than-normal chance of seeing a Pokemon spawn. When a PokéStop has an active Lure Module installed, it will be surrounded by pink motes on the game map for everyone to see.

To install a lure module, tap on any PokéStop that does not currently have an active lure module running. Underneath the title of the PokéStop will be an empty, white, ovular field. That field is called a "module slot." 

On the bottom of the screen, after you tap on the module slot, you will see how many lures you currently own. If you tap on the picture of the Lure Module, one of your lures will be installed into the PokéStop and the 30-minute countdown to the lure's expiration will begin.

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Pokémon Go Lure Modules are good for making friends.

The effective radius of a Lure Module is centered on the PokéStop into which it has been installed. So if you have multiple PokéStops close to one another and you install a lure on each of those PokéStops, you wind up with a larger area of increased spawns. Chain a bunch of PokéStops with lures together and you'll have a potential Pokémon bonanza.

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If you've been playing the game since release, you surely will have noticed certain areas on the map at which lures seem to be running more often than not. The consistent presence of Lure Modules at a PokéStop suggests that it's a popular return location for local Pokémon Go players. So if you want to make friends with some other Pokémon trainers, head for the lures! 

Pokémon Go Lure Module prices

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Lure Modules are one potential reward for leveling up your trainer in Pokémon Go, but the same thinking about Lucky Eggs applies to lures in this regard: If you're depending on leveling up to get lures, it will become increasingly difficult as you progress. So leveling up is not a good source of lures once you've broken into the mid-20s.

If you're willing to spend some real-world money, on the other hand, you can have all the lures you want. The smallest PokéCoin purchase you can make, 100 PokéCoins, costs $0.99 and will buy you one lure. 

The eight Lure Module stack, on the other hand, costs 680 PokéCoins. That translates to $6.93 for seven 100-coin packs. Or you can buy a 550-Pokécoin pack and two 100-PokéCoin packs for $6.97, leaving you with 70 extra PokéCoins — not enough to purchase anything by itself, but it can be used toward your next purchase.

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