Falcons and Patriots fans have very different ideas about what makes a good Lady Gaga song


Lady Gaga's catalog has a little something for everyone. She's got the neon-soaked electronic dance hits of her early days, the classic rock-tinged dance jams of Born This Way; the full frontal country of Joanne. Two listeners could both consider themselves Gaga fans and literally not share a single favorite song. 

That seems to be exactly the case with listeners in the states where the Super Bowl's two teams — the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots — hail from: Massachusetts and Georgia.

With support from iHeartRadio, we took a look at the songs with the most thumbs up and thumbs down from Gaga's catalog in Massachusetts and Georgia to find out what songs appeal to the two competing states. All data comes from the service's online radio stations.

As you can see in the graphics below compiling iHeartRadio's data, there are some pretty dramatic differences. Two of Massachusetts' fans' favorites — "The Edge of Glory" and "Born This Way" — appear among Georgia's least favorites. The division and enmity between fan bases may very well spill over from the field into the halftime show.


Top thumbed up songs:


Top thumbed down songs:



Top Thumbed Up songs:


Top thumbed down songs

Lady Gaga/iHeartRadio

Both states do, however, share some common ground: iHeartRadio listeners in the north and south both want "Alejandro," "Bang Bang" and "Applause" off their streams. Hopefully, Gaga doesn't include those during her career-spanning medley or we'll have a lot of unhappy monsters on our hands.

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