'Shameless' season 8 plot details, filming news and premiere date speculation


While we wait for the Gallaghers to return to our televisions after the season seven finale, let us look ahead to season eight. 

Variety confirmed in December that Showtime's Emmy-winning family dramedy Shameless would return for an eighth season. While there is no date or time set for its return, here's what we know so far.

Emmy Rossum's contract dispute 

The show's return comes after star Emmy Rossum's salary dispute last year. Rossum and her team cleared up their equal pay dispute, in which the actress was seeking to earn parity to her co-star William H. Macy after earning less than the actor for the show's run. Rossum resolved her case in December and now the Gallaghers can all return as the messy family unit we love them for being.

Where it left off

Shameless left off last season with a memorable finale. In the episode, titled "Requiem for a Slut," Monica's funeral turned out to be a turning point for the family that came together to remember her. 

Frank made a surprising appearance to speak about the mother of his children. Lip revealed to Sierra his desire to go back to college and Fiona and Ian opened up about Ian's relationship with Trevor. 

Where the new season will go

After the season seven finale, Shameless fans can anticipate following Lip as he possibly returns to college and seeing how he will cope. We'll also see how Fiona will deal with not having to parent her younger siblings anymore and how Frank, following Monica's death, will continue on. 

Shooting begins in May

Following her salary dispute, Rossum took to Twitter to confirm her return and also share the news that the show will begin production in May.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new season of the show will consist of 12 episodes, which is in line with seasons past. 

When will season eight premiere?

While there is no confirmed premiere date for the show's eighth season, an educated guess is that the series could be looking at a fall 2017 or winter 2018 premiere. Seasons five and six both premiered in January, while season seven premiered in October.