Celebrity yearbook photos of Viola Davis, Jimmy Kimmel and more in Super Bowl ad

Ever wondered what Tina Fey, Amy Adams and Viola Davis looked like in their high school yearbook photos? Well, Honda's Super Bowl ad delivers with a hilarious new throwback spot.

In a commercial for Honda's all-new CR-V, famous faces like Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel and Steve Carell bring their high school photos to life and give their future selves advice.

The touching ad gives us a look at who they were in high school. "When you start out, you might not know where you're going or what you're doing. Or why you're carrying this red rose with you," Fey says hilariously. 

"At times you may fall flat on your face. But, technically, that's still moving forward," Adams says to her future self, possibly aware that she would be snubbed for her performance in Arrival. Or maybe she's referencing that time she ate a deer on Smallville

But leave it to Davis, who recently made history with her third Oscar nomination for her performance in Fences, to end the spot with the most inspiring quote: "The point is, all dreams are within reach. All you have to do is keep moving toward them."

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