'Pokémon Go' Gen 2 Egg Chart: Drop and hatch rates for 10km eggs rose during holiday event


Still not convinced you're getting a fair shake when it comes to the eggs you're catching from PokéStops in Pokémon Go? It turns out the Gen 2 eggs you need actually became a lot more common during Niantic's 2016 holiday event.

A new study on egg drop rates has been published on The Silph Road, this time measuring drops exclusively from a single PokéStop. The results of 236 egg drops were recorded, and the analysis is very extensive. While Pokémon Go players are told very little about game mechanics, these sorts of experiments can uncover valuable information.

Pokémon Go 10km Egg Chances: Drops increased markedly during the New Year's holiday event

Silph Road community member scumhammer posted an extensive set of analyses based on the egg drop data they gathered from a PokéStop just a couple houses away from their own.

"One mark in my favor is that I generally work from home and suffer from insomnia," wrote the researcher. "So the egg collection times cover the entire clock, though my attempts to hit the stop were often separated by an hour even when I was actively playing/working."

Much of the data is purely anecdotal, but one solid data point concerned the "baby period," or the 2016 holiday event that ran from Dec. 25, 2016, to Jan. 3, 2017. During that window, players had an increased chance of hatching one of the baby Pokémon. 

According to scumhammer's data, drop rates for 10-kilometer eggs increased dramatically during the baby period, which makes sense — three of the seven baby Pokémon hatch from 10-kilometer eggs, according to this chart.

Scumhammer's data also shows that the overall odds of hatching a Gen 2 baby Pokémon increased during the holiday event:


In other words, it appears as though Niantic truly did increase spawn rates of baby Pokémon during the holiday promotion by dramatically increasing the rate 10-kilometer egg drops. According to this data, everyone got a fair shot at hatching a baby Pokémon during the event, which bodes well for future holiday events in Pokémon Go.

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