Puppy Bowl 2017 Lineup: Meet the cute dogs competing on Super Bowl Sunday

We are just a couple of days away from the greatest sporting event of the year: the Puppy Bowl. On Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern, Animal Planet will air its annual event, which sees Team Fluff and Team Ruff compete (i.e. drag throw toys around a field) for the coveted Lombarky Trophy. 

For its 13th annual bowl, Animal Planet will be showcasing 78 puppies from 34 different rescue shelters across the country. The network has already introduced the starting lineup for this year's game. 

Below are several of 2017's fiercest contenders, organized by team. 

Team Fluff

Alexander HamilpupAnimal Planet
ArchimedesAnimal Planet
BlitzAnimal Planet
Buddy LoveAnimal Planet
ButtonsAnimal Planet
DawsonAnimal Planet
HopeAnimal Planet
LuckyAnimal Planet
MaxAnimal Planet
NikitaAnimal Planet
NyquistAnimal Planet
PandaAnimal Planet
ParfaitAnimal Planet
PeanutAnimal Planet
PreciousAnimal Planet
RoryAnimal Planet
SableAnimal Planet
SlippersAnimal Planet
StretchAnimal Planet
TuckerAnimal Planet
WinstonAnimal Planet

Team Ruff

BeebopAnimal Planet
BizmarkAnimal Planet
BoAnimal Planet
Daisy MosesAnimal Planet
DaphneAnimal Planet
DoobertAnimal Planet
FosterAnimal Planet
PuddlesAnimal Planet
SmooshieAnimal Planet
SquirtAnimal Planet
StrikerAnimal Planet
WesleyAnimal Planet
WinterAnimal Planet
WoodyAnimal Planet
RickyAnimal Planet