LG G6 vs. Galaxy S8: Price, specs and everything we know so far


LG and Samsung are both introducing two new smartphones in the next few months. For LG, it is the successor to the LG G5: the LG G6. And, for Samsung, it will be the Galaxy S8. There’s a lot at stake for both smartphones, as this will be Samsung’s first smartphone launch since the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco in which the device was recalled and ultimately discontinued. As for LG, the modular design of the G5 did not fare so well and the G6 will feature many changes.

LG G6 vs. Galaxy S8: Release date

The LG G6 is rumored to be launching at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona at the end of February. Samsung typically announces its new Galaxy S device at MWC as well, but things will be different this year in light of the Note 7 mishap. Instead, the South Korean tech giant is anticipated to release a one-minute video teaser for the S8 in MWC, officially unveil it in New York City on March 29, and make it available for purchase on April 21.

LG G6 vs. Galaxy S8: Screen size

The G6 will come in one size: a 5.7-inch screen device, according to the Verge. The S8 will have two screen sizes — a 5.8-inch model and a 6.2-inch model — and the smallest one will be slightly larger than the G6, according to VentureBeat.

LG G6 vs. Galaxy S8: Price

Rumors suggest the G6 will retail for $50 more than the G5, which was $720 at the time of its launch. According to BGR, the S8 will start at $849 and VentureBeat reports the new models will cost €100 ($108) more in Europe than what the S7s are going for.

LG G6 vs. Galaxy S8: Design

The G6 is going to come with a major design change this time around: instead of the modular design seen in the G5, the company will opt for “a thin frame around the body” and rounded edges. According to the Verge, the smartphone will have an aspect ratio of 2:1 and the "screen-to-bezel ratio is greater than 90%."

Josep Lago/Getty Images

Both S8 models may have AMOLED screens, BGR reports, and the screens will take up 83% of the front panel of the device. And, similar to the Galaxy S7 edge, the S8s will have “screens that curve down at the left and right sides of the device.”

LG G6 vs. Galaxy S8: Processor

The G6 will be equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 processor instead of the more recent Snapdragon 835 processor. CNET reports, citing an anonymous source, that the company opted for the older processor to prevent delays in the G6's launch. The S8, on the other hand, will be powered by two different processors. According to BGR, devices in the U.S. will have the Snapdragon 835 while handsets outside of America will have Samsung’s Exynos chip.

LG G6 vs. Galaxy S8: Fingerprint scanner

The G6 will have a center-mounted fingerprint sensor and a leaked image from Business Insider shows the scanner on the back of the phone. The screen redesign of the S8 will push the fingerprint scanner to the back of the handset, according to the Guardian. CNET also reports the S8 will have a pressure-sensitive screen similar to Apple's 3D touch in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

LG G6 vs. Galaxy S8: Headphone jack

The G6 will have a waterproof headphone jack. While it was initially reported that the S8 would be missing a headphone jack, the flagship phone will feature a “traditional 3.5mm headphone socket,” according to the Guardian.