'Fire Emblem Heroes' Prologue and Chapter 1 Walkthrough: Guide, tips, tricks and strategy

By now, you've hopefully had some time to sink your teeth into Nintendo and Intelligent Systems' new mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, released on Feb. 2. Mic's already been hard at work researching tips and tricks to get you started, how to use the summoning mechanic to get more heroes restore order to the world and some leads on what's to come for the game, but we're aware that might not be enough for some die-hard fans.

As a simplified version of the now 27-year-old franchise, however, chances are that Fire Emblem Heroes might be some people's introduction to the series. But whether you're new to the turn-based strategy game or you've been playing since the series' English debut in 2003, we're going to take an in-depth look at how to beat the game's story mode, starting now with the Prologue and Chapter 1. So grab your favorite heroes and let's get started!

What you'll find in this guide:

Fire Emblem Heroes Prologue part 1 walkthrough: "Prince With Golden Wings"

Enemies: Sword, Lance, Ax

To the north and northeast, you'll see Emblian infantrymen. Send a hero with an ax to the north to beat the lance user, and a lance user to the northeast to beat the sword user.Alex Borkowski/Mic

This map has three Emblian soldiers hanging out on three islands to the north, northeast and east. The easiest way to take this map is to position a hero that's strong against each of these weapon types on the bridges provided. Do it correctly, and you shouldn't be in danger of any serious retaliation. Command of choke points like bridges can turn the tide in your favor, so make use of them whenever possible to force enemies to come at you one at a time.

As you can see from the weapon triangle in the bottom right corner, using Shanna (the blue-haired girl on the pegasus) against this ax user would be a disaster: You'd be much better off using a swordsman to dispatch him.Alex Borkowski/Mic

As long as you pay attention to the weapon triangle (or have a five-star hero like Marth) this opening level shouldn't cause you too much trouble.

Fire Emblem Heroes Prologue part 2 walkthrough: "Proof of Power"

Enemies: Sword, Lance, Ax, Staff

The enemy army hangs out at the bottom of the map and consists of three flying-type units. They're going to outmaneuver your foot soldiers and horsemen, but they're still susceptible to the weapon triangle and are especially weak to bow users.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Make sure you bring someone who can use a bow and arrow to this map. Minerva is a wyvern rider and is flanked by Palla and Catria, two Pegasus riders. They're flying units so they'll be weak against archers, and a hero like Virion will clean up, provided you keep him protected. Other than that, you'll have to break down the two barriers positioned at the top of your map, which can take one to two turns depending on how much you attack them.

The crumbling wall is your only way forward, but once you destroy it, the ideal strategy is to park two frontline fighters in the spaces it occupied and use them as protection for your ranged units, which will give you a better chance to defeat Minerva in one turn.Alex Borkowski/Mic

We recommend keeping your heroes bunched up at the top of the map. That will make it easier to focus fire on any units that come up to attack you, allowing you to defeat them before they have the option to run away and get their HP restored by the staff user accompanying them.

Fire Emblem Heroes Prologue part 3 walkthrough: "Heroes in Battle"

Enemies: Sword (x2), Bow, Staff

Although Virion (our bow user) will take a hit from this Emblian archer, attacking will put him in range of both Virion and Marth, allowing us a quick kill when our turn comes around again.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The first thing you'll want to do in this map is to draw the archer out in front by baiting him with one of your characters. A mage or a bow user (if you got one through hero summoning) will be invaluable since they'll be able to retaliate. Watch out, though. Both Xander and the unnamed Trobadour are mounted units, meaning they'll be able to close the distance quickly. You'll have to take units out in one turn or risk them being spirited away by Xander's Pivot ability, which essentially allows him to hop over units he's adjacent to, moving him one square farther than he should be able to.

Xander, the flaxen-haired horseman sandwiched in between the two units at the top, has a skill called Pivot that allows him to jump adjacent friendly units, but by provoking him to do that when your team is already closely bunched, you can force him to overextend himself, leaving him open to getting mobbed by your heroes.Alex Borkowski/Mic

This can be a good thing, however, since Pivot will put Xander incredibly far forward and in range of several of your units. Once you take him out, the swordsman and the bowman should fall quickly, and the trobadour can only heal. So she's harmless once you take everyone else out.

And with that, you've beaten the prologue.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 1 part 1 walkthrough: "Mystery Trial"

Enemies: Sword (x2), Lance

'Fire Emblem Heroes' Chapter 1 part 1Mic/Nintendo

Part 1 of World of Mystery starts off relatively easy, only pitting you against Jagen (the cavalier in the purple armor), Marth and Caeda (the pegasus rider). The easiest way to clear the map is to wait. Your frontmost person is in range of Jagen as soon as you spawn in. When your turn ends, he'll rush forward, eat a counterattack from someone and then be easy pickings on your second turn. 

If you brought a bow user, they should make quick work of Caeda. She'll move forward with Jagen but be unable to attack any of your units on her first turn. Simply park an archer or lancer in range and let their arrows do the talking. Once you've taken care of Jagen and Caeda, Marth should be on you and charge directly into several of your units (the AI in Fire Emblem isn't exactly tactical). No one on this map hits particularly hard either. So you can afford to make a few mistakes.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 1 part 2 walkthrough: "Willful Warrior"

Enemies: Sword, Ax, Bow

The Mercenary on the bridge, Ogma, can cause issues for your troops because moving forward to engage him will allow the archer to move forward and back him up, which can complicate things.Alex Borkowski/Mic

"Willful Warrior" has your team facing off against the Mercenary Ogma, along with an unnamed Emblian archer and ax wielder. If you have a strong lance user, send them south to attack Ogma and send a sword user north to deal with the ax user on the bridge. The archer is only there to show you that enemies can also gang up on your characters. So it's best to bait the melee enemies by sending your strongest units to the outer edge of their attack range.

Not being able to place your units can lead to frustrating results like this, but thankfully the character who occupies this spot can move forward to the ax user and keep him from crossing the bridge onto your side of the map.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 1 part 3 walkthrough: "Wind and Light"

Enemies: Blue Magic, Green Magic, Staff

Taking a lot of ranged units will be helpful for this fight, since it'll allow you to punish Merric and Linde as they move forward to attack you.Alex Borkowski/Mic

If you haven't been leveling up a thief, archer or magic user, "Wind and Light" will be a little tough. Your characters start on the south end of a wide bridge, with Merric and Linde (the two magic users) lounging around in the desert to the north with a staff user. 

Since magic users can attack from two squares away, your melee units can take quite a beating before they're actually able to catch up to them and settle the score. A magic user can really save your bacon here, but remember that the weapon triangle still applies to them: Green magic beats Blue, Blue beats Red and Red beats Green. It can be a little confusing to keep track of, so if you'd rather not deal with it at all, just take a thief and an archer. Mages tend to have low defense and won't be able to take many hits.

A mounted unit like Eliwood on the right is great for closing the distance on Merric and Linde. Aside from that, taking a ranged unit like a thief or an archer is a great way to weaken the two magic users or snipe the healer in this map.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 1 part 4 walkthrough: "Dual Cavaliers"

Enemies: Sword, Lance (x2), Bow

None of these jerks will move toward your units until you put one of them in harm's way, so use that as an opportunity to place them so that they'll really be able to bring the pain on Gordin, Cain, Abel and that unnamed pegasus rider.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The penultimate part of Chapter 1 is pretty similar to what we've seen previously in the World of Mystery: four units on the top half of the map and some environmental hazards that can limit mobility for your troops. This time, you're facing off against Cain and Abel (two cavaliers), Gordin the archer and a nameless pegasus rider. Cain, Abel and the pegasus rider will close distance quickly, so your job before they get to you is to consolidate your troops in a way that lets you make several attacks when they get to you.

The chokepoint above Shanna is less helpful than it would seem at first glance, since the pegasus rider will be able to land on the water spaces next to it. If that happens, take the pegasus rider out ASAP.Alex Borkowski/Mic

If you're able to, taking out Gordin and the pegasus rider before Cain and Abel reach you will make the fight much less complicated. An archer or ax user will make quick work of the pegasus rider, and really anyone can polish off Gordin in short order.

Fire Emblem Heroes Chapter 1 part 5 walkthrough: "Prince of Mystery"

Enemies: Sword (x2), Bow, Green Magic

Ranged attackers will be worth their weight in summoning stones in the final part of Chapter 1, since that'll allow you to pick off Gordin and Merric from the central island the enemy force starts on.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The final battle against Prince Marth in the World of Mystery puts his entire group on a small island. With Merric, Gordin and Caeda the pegasus rider backing him up, the hero prince can really tear your team to shreds in short order if you leave them exposed on the bridges. To complicate matters, the enemies won't budge until you put someone inside their attack range.

Part 5 of chapter 1 gives you a taste of what happens when chokepoints work against you: anyone stuck on these bridges can be easily blasted with magic and arrows by Marth's teammates. Make sure you've got ranged attackers there and try to keep your melee units in reserve for Marth and Caeda.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The easiest way to take this map is to position a melee attacker on the map square before the southern bridge and have a ranged attacker positioned on both bridges. This way, Merric and Gordin won't be able to attack your units without hurting themselves, and you can defend them from Marth as he comes up from the south. 

Just be wary of Caeda's defensive skill "Draw Back," which will allow her to yank other units out of harm's way and can trick you into overextending yourself. So don't move from the bridges unless you're in danger of being ganged up on or you know you can go for a kill.

Once you've dispatched the enemies on this map, you've got Chapter 1 in the bag!

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