'Fire Emblem Heroes' Link Account: How and why to connect your Nintendo account


When you first boot up Nintendo's new mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, you'll immediately be badgered to link your Nintendo account to the game. What does this mean? What's a Nintendo account? How do you make it stop?

How to link your Nintendo account in Fire Emblem Heroes and why you should do it

A Nintendo account is a relatively recent addition to Nintendo's game catalog that links your account information across all Nintendo platforms, like PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. You've likely seen it and maybe even made an account when Super Mario Run came out back in December. 

Simply put, playing Nintendo games with your account linked will net you rewards on the My Nintendo website. These can range from fun bonuses in games to exclusive digital games. In Fire Emblem Heroes, linking your Nintendo account at the start will net you 10 free orbs to use in the game's summoning feature. That will get you a couple of characters for free.

Since signing up should only take a minute or two and linking the account is as easy as pressing a button, there's really no reason not to do it. 

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