State department reinstated 60,000 visas after federal judge's block on Trump's Muslim ban


On Saturday morning, the State department announced that it reversed visa cancellations for up to 60,000 people from seven majority-Muslim countries whose visas had been "provisionally revoked" due to Trump's executive order banning immigration and limiting travel from those countries, the Associated Press reports. 

The cancellations were due to a federal judge's temporary block of Trump's executive order. 

Pool/Getty Images

Now that the visas have been reinstated, those holding a valid visa and hoping to travel to the United States may do so. 

Trump has announced no less than three times, in statements and on social media, that he plans to fight this federal judge's ban

The executive order has garnered intense criticism. Trump's ban spurred massive protests at airports nationwide after it was signed and a Gallup poll found that 55% of Americans disapprove of the order