Terry Bradshaw's shirt stain was actually a prop for this Tide Super Bowl ad


As Super Bowl 51 got underway, many were dismayed to see quarterback-turned-commentator Terry Bradshaw suffer an apparent wardrobe malfunction when he appeared on TV sporting a giant stain on his shirt.

"This is why you always, ALWAYS pack an extra shirt when you're going to be in front of a lot of people wearing a white shirt," SB Nation's James Dator wrote in an article.

However, it quickly became clear this wasn't a case of an ill-fated snack. As the Super Bowl cut to commercial, it was revealed Bradshaw's wardrobe blemish was actually a clever viral marketing stunt by Tide. Yup, the detergent company trolled us all.

The detergent brand aired a commercial featuring Bradshaw, who fled the stadium as #BradshawStain went viral to clean himself up with the help of actor Jeffrey Tambor — and, of course, some Tide detergent.

After the commercial aired, many Twitter users were quick to praise Tide's marketing prowess:

Tide's marketing slogan declared "No stain needs fame." But as Tide competes against other Super Bowl ads for attention, it's clear this is one stain they want to stick around.