'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Events: How to get 4,000 free Festival Coins right now


Pokémon Sun and Moon events don't always yield free prizes, but when they do it's a joyous occasion. With over a week to go, the third Pokémon Sun and Moon global mission is already a success. That means there's still time to join the event and cash in on other player's hard work with some free Festival Coins.

Pokémon Sun and Moon free festival coins: How to get the most out of the global mission

The third global mission ends on Feb. 13. The event required participating Pokémon Sun and Moon players to complete one million trades, which they've already accomplished. That means anyone who joins will automatically win a prize.

According to the official global mission page, those taking part in the mission will garner 2,000 Festival Coins — think of Festival Coins as the currency within Festival Plaza where you can interact with other players online. Joining the mission is pretty easy (see full instructions below). Additionally, if you've linked your game to a PGL account (which you can do here) your reward will double to 4,000 Festival Coins.

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It doesn't stop at Festival Coins, though. If the number of total trades hits 2,000,000, the event will yield a Friend Ball. This is an uncommon Pokéball that maximizes a Pokémon's happiness, and we all know the importance of happiness.

According to Serebii, those who do five trades will be eligible to obtain a rare candy. So make sure you join and make a few trades to take full advantage.

Pokémon Sun and Moon free festival coins: how to participate?

To take part in the Pokémon Sun and Moon global mission, use the lower screen on your 3DS to enter the Festival Plaza area. Then walk up to the castle located behind your game's avatar and enter it. When you walk in, talk to the first person on the right. This is where you'll obtain your Game Sync ID (here's a tutorial on how to obtain one) and choose to take part in global missions. 

Once you're assigned a Game Sync ID, you can link it to Pokémon's Global Link website, which can be done here. This is the key to doubling your loot at the end of this month's global mission. 

After you've completed these two tasks, trade away! Use the Global Trade System to leave Pokémon to be traded and request pocket monsters you've yet to catch. Once the hour strikes Feb. 14, you'll know which rewards you qualify for.

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