Veterans made a powerful ad calling out Trump — and put it where they knew he’d see it


A progressive veterans group is frustrated by President Donald Trump's lack of action on campaign promises — such as setting up a 24-hour hotline to report problems with care from the Department of Veterans Affairs

And they are taking their complaints directly to Trump in a powerful ad running on MSNBC's Morning Joe, a news program the president reportedly watches each morning.

In the ad, created by the group VoteVets, an Afghanistan War veteran who lost his leg in the war is doing squats on one leg in his garage.

"President Trump," the veteran says in a voice-over. "I hear you watch the morning shows. Here's what I do every morning. Look, you lost the popular vote, you're having trouble drawing a crowd, and your approval rating keeps sinking. But kicking thousands of my fellow veterans off their health insurance by killing the Affordable Care Act and banning Muslims won't help, and that's not the America I sacrificed for."

The ad then ends with a powerful message hitting Trump on an issue he's reportedly insecure about — his legitimacy after losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes.

"You want to be a legitimate President, sir?" the veteran says in the ad. "Then act like one."

 VoteVets Vice Chair and Navy veteran Peter Kauffmann said his group is running the ad on Morning Joe to make sure the president sees it. His group is raising money to place the ad on more cable news programs Trump watches.

"Since the White House comment line is down, and Donald Trump hasn't set up that veterans hotline he promised, we're going to go where we know Donald Trump is listening – Morning Joe, and the other shows that he obsesses over," Kauffmann said in a statement. "He's going to hear the message of this ad again and again. We're officially putting Mr. Trump on notice," he said.