How to get more PokéBalls in 'Pokémon Go': Tips, tricks and cheats


If you keep running out of PokéBalls in Pokémon Go, either strap on your walking shoes or get out your wallet. Those are pretty much your only two options for restocking.

There's not a hell of a lot you can do in Pokémon Go unless you can catch Pokémon, and to do that you need PokéBalls. Over the course of your career as a Pokémon trainer you'll likely need thousands of them, and you can pay in calories burned or real-world currency.

How to get more PokéBalls in Pokémon Go: Why they're so important

When you begin a new game of Pokémon Go, your trainer can only gather regular PokéBalls when you spin a PokéStop. Once you hit level 12, you'll begin to earn Great Balls, which have a higher base percentage chance than PokéBalls. And when you hit level 20, you'll also begin to earn Ultra Balls, which have the highest base percentage chance to capture a Pokémon.

The base percentage chance may change depending on what kind of PokéBall you use, but they all operate the same way. You cannot play Pokémon Go without some variety of PokéBall to throw — unless you want to focus entirely on gym battling, and what fun would that be?

How to get more PokéBalls in Pokémon Go: It depends on the type you need

Unless you are an unfortunate Pokémon Go player with little to no access to PokéStops, or winter snow has you stuck inside, chances are you won't have to purchase PokéBalls. Even a small group of PokéStops can generate a lot of supplies over time if you visit them regularly.

If you're really just getting started, here's what a PokéStop looks like:

Mic/Pokémon Go

If you know that you're going to be away from PokéStops for a while but still may find Pokémon to catch, keep in mind that you can only purchase regular PokéBalls in the Pokémon Go shop. So save your Great Balls and Ultra Balls until you really need them, and use your regular PokéBalls if you can.

Relying on regular PokéBalls comes with a lower catch rate, but those extra throws will give you extra practice time with curve balls and other trick shots. That way, when you really need the extra power of a Great Ball or Ultra Ball, you'll have the shooting accuracy to make the most of each throw.

If you do need to pick up some PokéBalls from the in-game shop, here's how much they'll cost:

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