'Fire Emblem Heroes' Tier List and Ranking: These are the best characters in the game


If you've been playing Fire Emblem Heroes, you've probably noticed that not all characters are created equal. No matter how much you level up certain characters, they'll just always be objectively worse than others (that means you, Raigh).

But how do you know the good ones from the bad ones? Let other people do the number crunching and then look at the fancy charts they create, of course! A number of people have made tier lists that rank the characters in Fire Emblem Heroes, but the site Ranked Boost probably has the best one out there.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List Ranking: Ryoma and Lucina take the top spots

It's hard to pin down a definitive tier list with such a new game, but Ranked Boost has a great list of the best Fire Emblem Heroes characters, and it should be more than enough to get you started. (You can see the full chart here.)

Among its top-rated heroes are the rare five-star characters you can get through summoning, like Ryoma, Lucina and Takumi. Unfortunately, the characters you start the game with, like Alfonse and Sherena — despite being total hotties — are ranked in the "D" tier.

Ranked Boost also breaks the large character roster into various subgroups, ranking just the green-colored heroes, then the red and so on.

The good news is that once you discover your newest character is totally useless, you can send them to the meat grinder using the "Send Home" menu to get some Hero Feathers, which you can then use to upgrade your other heroes.

Say goodbye, Donnel.

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