The Second Presidential Debate in GIFs: The Best Presidential Debate Recap on the Internet


College students, when Romney kicked off the debate by saying he supports Pell Grants:

College students, when they realized that Congressional Republicans don't support Pell Grants:

Democrats when Obama finally said, "Governor Romney, that's not true:"

The audience, when the candidates started getting down in the weeds on energy policy five minutes into the debate:

Everyone in the media room when the candidates started interrupting each other non-stop:

Romney, when asked again about the details of his tax plan:

When Romney said he had "binders full of women":

Romney's apparent hiring policy towards women prior to his stint as governor:

When Obama brought up Big Bird again:

When Romney said Obama didn't call the Libya attacks an act of terror:

How Romney answered the Libya questions:

My face when Candy Crowley fact-checked Romney on national TV:

Conservative Tweeters when Candy Crowley fact-checked Romney on national TV:

Romney's reaction to Obama's comment on the size of his pension:

Obama's reaction when Romney suggested we take a look at Obama's investment account:

When Romney said Obama did nothing on immigration, then described the D.R.E.A.M. Act:

When questions about China's currency manipulation seemed like they'd never end:

When Obama said "gangbanger:"

When Romney and Obama wouldn't stop interrupting and speaking over Candy Crowley:

Obama's campaign staff when he stated support for an assault weapons ban three weeks before election night:

When Romney started talking about his faith out of nowhere:

Democrats, when Obama closed with the 47% comment:

CNN, when the post-debate media started coming after Crowley:

How I felt the entire time I was in the media room

On the outside...

On the inside...

Thanks again for joining us for live coverage of the second presidential debate! Be sure to come back next Monday for the third and final debate on foreign policy from Boca Raton, Florida!

BONUS EXTRA GIF: Me when I realized that it was 3 a.m. and I was still writing: