CNN chose facts over another appearance by Kellyanne Conway

CNN's communications team shut down White House adviser Kellyanne Conway on Twitter, calling out the "alternative facts" specialist for using alternative facts of her own.

The squabble began Saturday, when Huffington Post reported that CNN actively chose not to put Conway on air on their flagship Sunday show, State of the Union. The New York Times later quoted the cable news network's explanation that declining to host Conway was because of "serious questions about her credibility."

Conway denied that report, saying she "could not do live Sunday shows this week [because] of family."

CNN fired back a half-hour later, saying the White House offered to make Conway available for the show, but they "passed" on her appearance.

"Those are the facts," CNN's public relations Twitter account tweeted.

CNN even got backup from an anchor on a rival network.

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, responded to CNN's tweet, saying they were "not the first" to decline having Conway on air.

This is not the first time a news organization's communications team has fired back at President Donald Trump's administration.

The New York Times — which Trump has repeatedly attacked as "failing" — used its public relations Twitter account to "fact check" his claims that the newspaper's subscribers were "dwindling."

"Subscribers & audience at all-time highs," the Times' PR account tweeted. "Supporting independent journalism matters."