Behold the glory of Pulse, the first ever touchless personal lubricant warmer and dispenser


Amy Buckalter was bothered by how cold her lubricants were. "What a buzzkill, right? And that tends to slow down your arousal. You don't want to be feeling like that in an intimate moment," she said in an interview. In an effort to combat this, she tried it all, including wrapping her lubricant in heating blankets and submerging it in hot water baths. That didn't work.

Buckalter was considering this one morning when she went downstairs to pop her Nespresso capsule into her Keurig machine. "I'm looking at this beautiful design and I'm thinking 'Why can't we have something like that for personal care formulations?'" And then, as it goes, the "aha" moment hit.

With the wheels beginning to turn, Buckalter decided to hire well-known sociologist and sex expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz to survey women in the hope of validating her hypothesis that other women wanted a warmer experience with their lubricant. "And not just chemically warm," she added, "which is on the market today — and is very harmful."


Not only did the survey validate that claim, but it also surfaced a plethora of unattended needs: Women hated the mess, the stickiness of the bottles, the lack of hygiene of what's growing around the tube. They also wanted more healthy ingredients and easier ways to purchase it.

That gave Buckalter the impetus to leave her consultancy and go full speed ahead on bringing Pulse to market. 

At first glance, the Pulse, a first-of-its-kind lubricant warmer and dispenser, looks akin to an Apple product. That's no accident. According to Bucklater, she wanted to "beautify the aesthetic of bedroom tech," a similar mantra to the one Steve Jobs had for the original Macintosh computer.

Pulse | personal lubricant warmer and dispenser

The result, the $249 Pulse, includes mood lighting with adjustable brightness as well as two "Aloe-ahh" silicone-based lubricant Pulse Pods and two "H2Oh!" water-based lubricant Pulse Pods, each containing nine pre-measured servings. 

The highly intuitive use is broken down into five easy steps, which we recruited Mic's own Ernesto Arrocha to help demonstrate:

Step 1: Open the pod chamber.

Ernesto Arrocha/Mic

Step 2: Pull off the cap of the pod — just as you would lipstick.

Ernesto Arrocha/Mic

Step 3: Insert the Pulse Lubricant Pod of your choice into the pod chamber.

Ernesto Arrocha/Mic

Step 4: Close the Pod chamber and let Pulse warm the lubricant, about four to seven minutes.

Ernesto Arrocha/Mic

Step 5: With just one pass of your hand under the invisible activation beam, a precise amount of warmed lubricant is instantly dispensed.

Ernesto Arrocha/Mic

Sure, Pulse is without question a luxury purchase. The temperature of ones lubricant is hardly a life-or-death discussion. That said, sex is important. It often requires lubricant. So if Pulse wants to improve the quality of our lubricant, sex's chief conduit, then who are we to stop them? 

After all, although Pulse did its market research with mostly cisgender women theres no limit on body types or genders who may want good, hot lube.

And look at that, an entire article about lubricant without a slippery slope metaphor! To learn more about Pulse, check out their website