Romney Won the Presidential Debate: Obama Dodged Questions


Not everyone can have all of the answers all of the time, but when you’re the leader of the free world, it helps to make sure that you know some of the biggest answers off of the top of your head.

Everyone expected Obama to have more energy, and he didn’t disappoint. What he did not have however, were answers to some of the night's toughest questions.

Despite the interrupting by President Obama, and both candidates struggling with moderator Candy Crowley (Who by the way gave Obama 9% more time than she gave Romney), Romney was able to show that on two substantial issues, the president had nothing to offer.

When the topic of the attack in Benghazi came to the floor, Obama ducked the question as to who denied the consulate the additional that they requested on more than one occasion. Obama evaded the question entirely, choosing instead to go on at great length about how they were investigating, and would hunt down those responsible. Well, yeah, of course. That's to be expected. But was there an answer as to why those requests were turned down? No.

For the record, after the debate had ended, Crowley admitted on camera that Romney was right in the end about his comments about the Obama administration's actions after the attack on Benghazi. 

When Operation Fast and Furious was added to the debate, Obama did not offer any explanation. He did not answer Romney at all when the former Massachusetts governor mentioned that he invoked executive privlege. Instead, he chose again just to go on and then let the issue drop.

Obama did however talk about his two favorite things of the election: A lack of specifics from Romney and George W. Bush. Romney got into more specifics about taxes, and also took the opportunity to show how he was a different kind of Republican than the former president. 

Obama did not have an answer for Romney mentioning the fact that his Department of Energy said it is now incredibly difficult to open a new coal plant. He also declined to comment after Romney reminded the audience about Obama's comments in 2008 where he said that those who would open up a new coal plant would go bankrupt.

Of course the spin will be that Obama dominated Romney and that he is back, and better than ever! The 2008 Obama is here once again, praise the Lord!

Romney again offered more specifics on taxes, and how to solve the jobs crisis. He discussed how people would be able to save more on capital gains and other investments. He talked about his experinces as governor of Massachusetts, including the strides he made in education, and he also made great leaps to humanize himself. 

On some of the biggest issues of the night, Obama had soaring rhetoric, but no real answers.

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