People are bidding on a Hot Cheeto that looks like Harambe on eBay. It's currently at $99,700.


The internet is a strange place. One minute you're sighing heavily over a distressing Tweet penned by the leader of the "free world," the next you're feeling aghast over a snack food that's inexplicably shaped like 2016's most popular meme. 

Indeed, with expert procrastination skills, one can find anything online. Over on eBay, seller valluestampinc has listed a single Hot Cheeto that is suspiciously shaped like a gorilla climbing a tree. The seller goes so far as to compare the shape to that of Harambe. 


The item, which is listed as "Gorilla Hot Cheetos - RARE - One of a Kind Cheetos - Harambe Gorilla," has a current bid price of $99,700.00. The bid started at a somewhat reasonable (it is still just a Cheeto) $11.99, but has since received 101 offers, leading it to reach close to one hundred grand. 

As the seller shows on eBay, the gorilla memorabilia is about one inch in size. 


There's a big plot twist here, however. The gorilla pictured on the product page is not Harambe. A reverse image search points the gorilla photo belonging to the site The gorilla pictured is a mountain gorilla silverback, while Harambe was a Western lowland gorilla

If you're willing to take the time to pause your snacking to examine a peculiar looking Cheeto, take a photograph and create a page for it on eBay, you might care to put a photo of the one true Harambe, may he rest in peace, instead of an impostor.

The seller of this item has not yet responded to Mic's request for comment. The bidding ends on Tuesday at 3:45 a.m. We look forward to learning of the winner.