How to play 'Fire Emblem Heroes' on PC and Mac: The answer is messy, but it works


Fire Emblem Heroes is fun and free to play on iOS and Android, but that doesn't mean everyone can play. Maybe your phone is a few years old or maybe its measly hard drive is already full with 10,000 pictures of your aunt Sue's cat. Whatever the reason, it's not uncommon for people to seek out mobile games on PC. 

Good news: It's possible to play Fire Emblem Heroes on PC — that is, if you're willing to take a couple of steps to get there.

How to play Fire Emblem Heroes on PC

Since Fire Emblem Heroes was specifically designed for mobile devices, don't hold your breath for an official PC or Mac version. However, you can play Fire Emblem Heroes on your computer by using the program Bluestacks, an Android emulator for PC and Mac.


This program emulates an Android phone on your computer, allowing you to access most of the apps and features a regular phone would. You'll have to log in using a Google account, but once you get it all set up, you can open the Google Play Store and download Fire Emblem Heroes. As with all emulators, it might not work perfectly all the time, but it should get the job done.

Once you've downloaded Bluestacks, make sure you read up on the rest of our Fire Emblem Heroes coverage to get up to speed.

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