The Presidential Debate Narrated in Memes: Best Recap of the Actual Quotes

President Obama came out swinging at his rematch with Republican challenger Mitt Romney during last night's CNN town hall-style debate at Hofstra University.

Obama debated as his political life depended on it, because it did. And, happily for the president and his supporters, Obama narrwoly defeated his rival in a debate in which both sides passionately defended their respective views without offering policy specifics.

Both camps also tripped at times as they talked over the other candidate and the moderator, and even failed to answer some of the live audience's questions, so they could use the allotted time to keep hammering the other guy — or defend themselves — using rehearsed talking points.

The best part was the final question, when an undecided voter from Long Island asked both candidates to clear the biggest misconception about them. Romney cast himself as concerned with "100% percent of Americans," in allusion to the 47% gaffe. Obama said he didn't believe government created jobs, and cast himself as a lover of the American free enterprise system.

This is how it went down, meme style:

On the 47%:

On the Libya attack:

On the auto bailouts: 

On energy:

On Libya:

On women's issues:

On jobs:

On China:

On the economy:

On energy:

On taxes:

On Obama:

On Romney's tax plan:

On investments:

On Obama: