Donald Trump just cracked a joke about destroying a Texas politician's career

He's a real comedian, that President Donald Trump.

At a Monday "listening session" with county sheriffs, Trump went jocular when a Texas lawman griped about a state senator he said he was butting heads with on legislation.

"Who is that state senator? You want to give his name?" Trump deadpanned. "We'll destroy his career?" 

Sheriff Harold Eavenson of Rockwall County, Texas, declined to name names, a presidential pool report said.

The Dallas Morning News reported the heavy-handed quip sent Texas political circles abuzz.

"The nature of [Eavenson's] complaint, and the object of ire big enough to mention to the president, weren't immediately clear," the Dallas Morning News reported. "Eavenson referred to 'him' several times and confirmed that it's a male senator. Speculation quickly swirled in Austin."

Video of the sheriff meeting shows top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, who's been widely credited with trying to keep her boss from popping off with controversial commentary, sitting poker-faced through the exchange.