'Fire Emblem Heroes' Free Orbs Guide: How to get 10 orbs in the Nintendo game right now


If you've been playing Fire Emblem Heroes, you probably have a secret stash of free orbs and Nintendo points just waiting to be claimed that you didn't even know existed.

No idea what we're talking about? Read on, dear reader.

How to get free orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes

We've tested this trick for getting free orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes and it works. Here's what you need to do.

First, tap the statue in the bottom right corner of the home screen to open the quests and missions window. Then, tap the blue icon to the right of the text at the top of the screen. This will open a new window where you can claim rewards.

Right off the bat, you can claim 10 free orbs, but you'll also earn 100 Nintendo points for every chapter you complete in the main story maps. You can then spend those points on in-game items, like potions and dueling crests.


Look under both the "rewards" and "missions" tab to make sure you didn't miss anything. Once you claim those 10 free orbs, they'll eventually appear in-game, marked by the little owl dude holding an envelope in his mouth on your home screen.

But just 10 free orbs isn't enough, right? You want more!

How to get even more free orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes

As you probably already know, you'll earn an orb the first time you clear each level in the main story. But if you've already finished every level in the main story, there are still lots of free orbs to earn.

For example, within the "story maps" window, you can change the difficulty for the story mode up to "hard" or "lunatic." To change the difficulty, simply tap the "normal" button in the upper-right corner of the story maps window.


You'll earn orbs for your first clear on every story map on each difficulty, meaning you can play through the story three times and earn a free orb every single time you beat a level. Of course, it'll be much more challenging on hard and lunatic mode, but those orbs are waiting for you once you have enough high-level characters to beat those levels.

You can also earn free orbs in the "special maps" section. Every week or two, there will be a new set of maps you can play through, each of which will yield three orbs upon your first completion. So, if you have yet to play the maps under "Launch Celebration: Part 1," get those free orbs!


Once you finish all the story maps, these special maps will probably be your mains source of free orbs moving forward. So be sure to check regularly for new levels. Whatever you do, just don't resort to one of those sketchy services promising thousands of free orbs. It's not worth the risk.

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