20 Marvel superhero movies and TV shows to binge watch on Netflix in 2017


From Fantastic Four to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil, The Avengers, Doctor Strange and more, Netflix has some seriously awesome Marvel superhero TV shows and movies available to binge watch in 2017.

Whether you're just looking to relax for a few hours with a good Marvel movie or want a new Marvel series that will last you for days or even weeks, this is the list for you.

Here's our pick of the top 20 Marvel TV shows and movies on Netflix to binge watch in 2017.

1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Even the world's most fearsome villains are no match for the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, or S.H.I.E.L.D for short. In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., our favorite superheroes must work together to keep Earth safe from those that wish to do it harm.

2. Captain America: Civil War

When the missing Winter Soldier resurfaces and kills the king of Wakanda, some of the Avengers are intent on bringing him in, while others are convinced he's innocent. The schism between the Avengers leads to an all out civil war. Captain America: Civil War is filled with action and a compelling storyline, and is a must-watch for any Marvel fan.

3. Daredevil

The hero of Hell's Kitchen isn't about to let the city's criminals get away with their crimes. Determined to scrub the scourge from his city, Daredevil follows the trail to his nemesis: Wilson Fisk. With two full seasons available on Netflix, this is a Marvel series you just can't miss.

4. Jessica Jones

When a private eye with super strength falls under the mind-control power of the evil Kilgrave, all hell breaks loose. Jessica Jones pits good versus evil in a harrowing and tragedy-filled tale. She may not be bulletproof like Luke Cage, but Jessica Jones can definitely hold her own.

5. Luke Cage

He just wants to be left alone, but after criminals kill his dear friend, Luke Cage sets off on a path of vengeance in an effort to reclaim Harlem from the wicked overlords controlling his city. Bulletproof and incredibly strong, this superhero is not one to be trifled with.

6. Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell

Hulk is one of the most formidable heroes from Marvel, which makes stopping his destructive dream self all the more difficult. In Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell, Doctor Strange and the Howling Commandos must fight to free Hulk from a spell cast on him by Nightmare. 

7. Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload

Loki challenges Marvel's superheroes yet again in Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload. Can the heroes put a stop to Loki's madness, or will the villain finally triumph?

8. Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United

Hydra's latest creation, an electrical being made of pure energy, might just be Iron Man and Hulk's undoing. The heroes must use their brains and their braun if they hope to save Earth from the greatest threat its ever seen.

9. Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United

Taskmaster is after Tony Stark's technology and Steve Rogers, and the Red Skull is behind it all. After the villain successfully completes his mission, he now has Stark tech and Captain America in his possession. Can Iron Man save his friend from the clutches of Red Skull?

10. The Invincible Iron Man

This animated tale is an origin story for the man in the metal suit. Tony Stark wanted to raise an ancient Chinese temple from the ground, but in the process he unleashes in age-old prophecy known as the Mandarin. After being injured, Stark creates his first Iron Man suit and uses his new tech to battle against an old foe.

11. Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!

Thanks to Loki, the frost giant Ymir is loose, and only the Marvel heroes stand in the beast's way. Are the heroes strong enough to defeat this incredibly strong giant?

12. Marvel and ESPN Present: 1 of 1: Genesis

Have you ever noticed how professional athletes seem to have super powers? Marvel and ESPN team up to explore the connection between the most famous comic book characters and the most famous athletes.

13. Fantastic Four

When a group of scientists are blasted with cosmic radiation, they become the Fantastic Four. But they're not the only ones who have recently gained super powers. Doctor Doom has also grown powerful, and he wants the Fantastic Four's abilities for himself.

14. Planet Hulk

Banished to another planet by Iron Man and forced to live out his days as a gladiator, Hulk must literally fight for his life on a daily basis. No one expects him to survive, Hulk proves them all wrong by winning time and again in the arena. Opinions change on the Hulk when it is learned he might just be the prophesied savior of his new planet.

15. Hulk Vs.

Hulk Vs. has two storylines featuring Hulk, Wolverine and Thor. When Hulk crosses over into Canadian territory, Wolverine is sent in to hunt the beast down. But the fight isn't going to be easy. In the second storyline, Loki takes Hulk to Asgard and pits the green monster against his brother Thor.

16. Ultimate Avengers

After being pulled from the ice, Captain America is revived and put back into action by Nick Fury. Now leading a team superheroes, Captain America must stop history from repeating itself and battle against his own government to prevent them from recreating the Super-Soldier Serum that gave him his powers.

17. Ultimate Avengers II

The Chitauri have invaded Wakanda. The Avengers, with the help of Black Panther, must battle the aliens if they hope to save the advanced African city from certain destruction. 

18. Doctor Strange

At the heights of a Tibetan mountain, Dr. Stephen Strange discovers the Ancient One. His training begins and he soon becomes the Sorcerer Supreme. But with his newfound powers comes a difficult quest: He must now face one of the most dangerous threats the world has ever seen. 

19. Thor: Tales of Asgard

Thor: Tales of Asgard takes place long before the time when Thor wielded his magical hammer Mjolnir. In this story, the mighty Asgardian and his brother Loki must locate the Sword of Surtur. But Thor must rely on more than just his brute strength if he hopes to be successful.

20. The Punisher

When Frank Castle's family is brutally murdered, he sets on a path of revenge. Becoming the Punisher, Castle takes down those criminals responsible for his family's death. He may just be one man, but Punisher acts as judge, jury and most case, executioner. 

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